How to install roller blinds

Step 1. 

Make sure blind is the corect size for the opening. 

Step 2. 

Decide if the blind is over roll or under roll, ie is the fabric to roll off the front of the tube or the back. The fabric rolling of the back is generally the standard roll, but the blind may be more suited to rolling off the front. 

Position the chain side bracket where it is to be fixed ensuring there are no obstacles that are going to get in the way of the blind rolling up and down. Items to look for are – The strengthening rib on the center bar of the window, window locks or latches, handles etc. 

Fix this bracket into position. Brackets can be fvixed either on face, or hang down from the top of the reveal, or under a pelmet. 

Step 3. 

Ensuring the brackets are level, fix the second bracket into position. 

Step 4. 

Push the chain drive end over the flat in the first bracket, and then push the pin end into the second bracket. The pin end is spring loaded, and should just slide up the slot in the bracket and lock into position. If this is too tight, then using the serated wheel on the pin end of the blind, twist in a anti clockwise direction, and retract the pin. ( this is also how the blind is taken down if neccesary ). 

Chain Drive EndIdler End

Idler End

The blind should be a good fit between brackets, if there is up to 4 mm of play between the blind and the brackets, then this can be taken up by turning the serated wheel in a clockwise direction untill it locks into position. This extends the pin out. If the play is more than 4 mm, then I would suggest either bending the brackets in slightly, no more than about 3mm each side, or if there is more play than that, one or both brackets need to moved closer together.

Step 5.

Check that the blind is rolling up and down properly. 

Fabric Rolling Correct

Fabric Rolling Off to the Side

If the Fabric is rolling off to one side, like the photo above, this can often be fixed, by straightening the fabric up by pulling the fabric accross to its corect position by hand, if this does not work, then you can try to enlarge the diametre of the tube, on the side that the fabric is rolling away from, as shown in the photo below. 

Packing the Tube to stop the Fabric from Rolling off to the RH Side

Sometimes a couple of pieces of tape are required, to be stuck on top of each other to build the thickness up enough. If this does not work, then usually the bracket needs to be lowered slightly, to overcome the problem. It may be 5 – 10 mm, usually because the head of the window is not level. 

Idler End Retracted


Chain Drive Bracket and Idler End Bracket

Cerated Wheel to Adjust Pin In and Out

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