Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a cost effective window covering.
They are generally a blockout fabric, which is rolled up around a tube at the top, and is rolled down using a chain drive at the side.
The fabric can either be rolled down close to the wall, approximately 20mm away from the wall, or reverse rolled which brings the fabric off the front of the tube which allows the fabric to clear louvers or window winders, or strengthening ribs, window locks, or anything else which may be in the way. Rolling the fabric off the front, allows the fabric to clear approximately 60mm.

The blinds can either be fitted inside a reveal, or on the face of a wall or architrave.

Roller Blinds are also available as a Sunsceen Blind, which is identical to the Roller Blind except it is using a see thru fabric, which generally has a shading percentage of 80 – 90 %, or a visibility factor of 5 – 20 %.

Chain Drive Operation

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