Louver Awnings

Uniline Tru-Steel Louver Awnings, are available in both a fixed pitch, and adjustable pitch.

The fixed pitch Louver Awning can be made to have a horizontal gap between the bottom of the blade above and the top of the blade below to adjust light and visibility, or can be made to have an over hang of the blade below to reduce sunlight and visibility.

The adjustable louver Awning is capable of the blades being opened to the point of being almost horizontal for full vision thru to being totally closed for full privacy.

Colours available are –

Threadbo White

Off White

Gull Grey

Smooth Cream



Pale Terracotta

Tuscan Red

Heritage Red

Mist Green

Caulfield Green

Mountain Blue



The Louver Panels are made using a Zincalume Steel base for anti corrosion, a conversion layer and epoxy primer to enhance coating adhesion, and finally a top grade top coat baked on for durability. The baked on finish resists chipping, peeling or cracking.

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