Fixed Awnings

Uniline Tru-Steel Canopy Awnings are made using a multi-rib cross section steel panels which are riveted together for greater strength and wind protection.

They can either be self supporting or post supported, and are suitable for both commercial and domestic purposes.

The paint finish is a superior oven-baked finish which resists peeling or cracking. Tru-Steel Panels have a Zincalume steel base for anti corrosion, a conversion layer and epoxy primer to enhance coating adhesion, and finally a top grade top coat baked on for durability.


Available in the following Colourbond colours.

Threadbo White

Off White

Gull Grey

Smooth Cream



Pale Terracotta

Tuscan Red

Heritage Red

Mist Green

Caulfield Green

Mountain Blue



You can mix and match the colours, as much as you like to suit your own tastes. Or you can ask us to come up with a pattern for your approval. The only limitation is the number of panels in the Awning, which depends on the width of the Awning. Each panel is 116mm wide.

eg An 1800 wide Awning is 1800 divided by 116 which equalls 15.5 panels, and you either round up to 16 panels if you have the room, or round down to 15 panels if you dont have the room.

The Awning can either have closed ends, or open ends. Internal corners and external corners can also be produced.

Open Ends or Standard Ends

Closed Ends

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